BIAMC Workshop: Banking and Finance Dispute Settlement

Banking and Finance Dispute Settlement
Methods, Challenges, and Opportunities
Workshop | Thursday, April 11th, 2019

FACT: The increasing complexity and sophistication of financial markets, products, and innovations calls for more sophisticated methods of dispute resolution in cross-border, B2B banking and finance transactions based on highly specialized legal, technical, and contextual industry knowledge.

Financial institutions across the globe are keen to exploit the potential benefits of ADR as instruments for a wide variety of international banking and finance transactions from the renegotiation of sovereign debt to the expedition of straightforward loan repayment claims.

In fact, many international banks and other financial institutions have reorganized their litigation departments and their internal ligation risk management systems due to the clear advantages of out-of-court redress mechanisms.

Our workshop will provide an overview of the roles of ADR and arbitration in two active sectors within the banking and finance industry: Mergers & Acquisitions and Insurance. Our innovative dual-approach not only capitalizes on the expertise of international and domestic experts but also offers more ‘bang for your buck’ in understanding the types and natures of
disputes inherent to both these critical sectors.

Are you a government official responsible for banking regulations, a top banking, finance, or insurance executive, an investment and/or commercial banker, an attorney frequently involved in banking and finance, M&A, or insurance proceedings, a hedge fund manager or private equity professional, a member of in-house counsel, an international arbitrator or
mediator aspiring to add or improve capacities, a professor, legal academic, or student looking to increase real-time knowledge, or an investor affected by current financial developments?

If so, BIAMC’s 1-Day Workshop is ideal for you! At BIAMC, we merge practical, comprehensive curriculum with unparalleled instruction from top foreign and domestic leaders in dispute resolution.

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