Joint webinar: PMN (Indonesia) and RSPP (Russia)

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Indonesia Day at The RSPP Mediation CenterMarch 24, 2023, from 14:00 – 17:00 WIB Event language: Russian and English (with consecutive translation). We invite everyone who is interested in doing business with the Republic of Indonesia to participate in our webinar. We will discuss the following topics: At the end […]

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APCAM Lecture Series

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APCAM Lecture Series is a new competency model learning program, that shines a spotlight on the important role of improving problem-solving skills, communication, increased focus on technology & innovation, innate technicalities etc. This will be a free online academic conversation conducted monthly. The fourth APCAM Lecture will be conducted on […]

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APCAM International ADR Summit 2023

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Theme: Unleashing the Dispute Resolution System for mending Global Economy APCAM proudly announces its first International ADR Summit in India at New Delhi during 6th and 7th of May 2023. APCAM Summit, an annual flagship conference, is hosted by all the APCAM Centres from India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, South […]

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IIAM: A Global Program To Support Mediators’ Wellness

25 Januari 2023 Berita 0 Comment

A unique global project initiated for the very first time, the Mediators’ Wellness Program (MeWell), to tackle the mental health problems faced by mediators. The Program, founded by Ms. Iram Majid, Director – Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM) and currently Executive Director – Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration […]

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10th APCAM Webinar Series

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Welcome to the APCAM Webinar on the topic, “Handling “Difficult Parties” in Mediation”, conducted by APCAM, India. Friday, 6 January 2023 12:30 to 14:00 [Indian Standard Time (UTC+5.30)] This is the tenth of the APCAM Webinar series, which is held every month. The APCAM Webinar series will be a global […]

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Winter Academy on International Arbitration

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“ACROSS THE ARBITRATION UNIVERSE: DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN THE MODERN WORLD” 16–27 January 2023 | Online  | Free of charge Building a program of the Winter Academy, we try to balance practical classes with general fundamental courses on arbitra- tion. The Winter Academy 2023 is dedicated to the […]

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Ice Breaking Pelatihan Mediasi PMN

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APCAM Webinar: “A New Era of International Mediation”

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Acara dimulai 14:00-15:30 WIB

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7th APCAM Webinar

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6th APCAM Webinar Series

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