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PMN, The Indonesian Mediation Center is a professional dispute resolution center providing mediation training and services. Staffed with experienced mediators drawn from diverse areas of law, banking engineering and business, PMN is in a unique position to provide the right mediator for any dispute.


We provide certified training to the public and also legal professionals with the theoretical and practicall skills to be professional private sector mediators.

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Download reference documents such as legal regulations, mediation guides and example forms for mediation practice


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Training Schedule 2023

Training #166

23 – 28 January, Full Inhouse

Mediator Certification Training

Training #167

28 Feb – 9 March, Online

Mediator Certification Training

Training #168

6 – 11 March, Offline

Mediator Certification Training

Training #169

22 – 27 May, Offline

Mediator Certification Training