IIAM: A Global Program To Support Mediators’ Wellness

25 January 2023 News 0 Comment

A unique global project initiated for the very first time, the Mediators’ Wellness Program (MeWell), to tackle the mental health problems faced by mediators. The Program, founded by Ms. Iram Majid, Director – Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM) and currently Executive Director – Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration […]

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10th APCAM Webinar Series

4 January 2023 News 0 Comment

Welcome to the APCAM Webinar on the topic, “Handling “Difficult Parties” in Mediation”, conducted by APCAM, India. Friday, 6 January 202312:30 to 14:00 [Indian Standard Time (UTC+5.30)] This is the tenth of the APCAM Webinar series, which is held every month. The APCAM Webinar series will be a global tour […]

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Winter Academy on International Arbitration

14 December 2022 News 0 Comment

“ACROSS THE ARBITRATION UNIVERSE: DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION IN THE MODERN WORLD” 16–27 January 2023 | Online  | Free of charge Building a program of the Winter Academy, we try to balance practical classes with general fundamental courses on arbitra- tion. The Winter Academy 2023 is dedicated to the […]

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APCAM Webinar: “A New Era of International Mediation”

14 June 2022 News 0 Comment

Event starts 14:00-15:30 WIB

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7th APCAM Webinar

4 December 2021 News 0 Comment

6th APCAM Webinar Series

25 November 2021 News 0 Comment

5th APCAM Webinar Series

21 October 2021 News 0 Comment

Extension of Time – EOT in Construction ContractFri 22 October 2021, 14:15 WIB Will be focusing on the concept of Extension of Time (EOT) in Construction Contracts and how effectively extension of time can be invoked when “time is the essence” of the contract. It also analyses the dispute resolution […]

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APCAM Webinar: Future and Scope of Investor-State Dispute Resolution Mechanism in an International Paradigm – Sat, 31 July 2021, 17:30 to 19:00 WIB

25 July 2021 News 0 Comment

This is the third of the APCAM Webinar series, which will be held every month. The APCAM Webinar series will be a global tour of all jurisdictions, discussing about the ADR developments regionally and globally by the most reputed professionals and stakeholder from global jurisdictions. This webinar will examine the […]

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Matching Grant Scheme: Facilitative and Evaluative Mediation for International and PRC Disputes Training Programme

21 June 2021 News 0 Comment

The Government has launched the Matching Grant Scheme for Skills Upgrading, which is one of the relief measures under the Anti-epidemic Fund. It aims to provide matching grants for organizing training programmes for individuals, in particular those who have been adversely affected by the economic downturn as a result of […]

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APCAM Webinar series: Cracking Cultural Complexities in Cross-Border Commercial Mediation

20 April 2021 News 0 Comment

We are happy to welcome you for the 2nd APCAM Webinar on the topic “Cracking Cultural Complexities In Cross-Border Commercial Mediation”. The APCAM Webinar series conducted by the Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation, will be a global tour of all jurisdictions, discussing about The emerging architecture of free […]

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