APCAM International ADR Summit 2023

Theme: Unleashing the Dispute Resolution System for mending Global Economy

APCAM proudly announces its first International ADR Summit in India at New Delhi during 6th and 7th of May 2023.

APCAM Summit, an annual flagship conference, is hosted by all the APCAM Centres from India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Nepal. The Summit will discuss positioning Asia-Pacific in the current ADR global environment, the impact of growing cross-border business within the Asia-Pacific region and the increased importance of institutional and professional cooperation and integration for growth. APCAM believes that the quality of ADR practice in the region will advance through the free exchange of ideas, innovation and in empowering exploration of the cultural, ethnic, and social diversity.

The Summit is conducted jointly by APCAM Centres in 8 countries, which will gather the top ADR institutions from the region, International Chambers, Arbitrators, Mediators, ADR professionals, Judges, Legal experts, In-house counsel, Government leaders and ADR Users, to discuss, network and deliberate the latest trends and developments of disputes, its resolutions and enforcement trends.

Why APCAM International ADR Summit?

The APCAM International ADR Summit is an unmissable rendezvous for ADR Professionals, Arbitrators, Mediators, Judges, Legal professionals, General Counsel, academicians, business houses doing domestic and cross-border trade and commerce, Business Directors/Managers and Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

It provides participants a unique opportunity to explore and approach conflict resolution from a global mindset. The Summit is designed to attract a comprehensive discussion on promoting the use of mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. The inspiring sessions hosted by partnering institutions and other international professionals will create the perfect atmosphere for thoughtful debates and discussions, creating an enriching experience for participants as it will eventually facilitate them in increasing their existing framework of knowledge and expand their horizon beyond general approach. The Summit will also be an opportunity to unveil the latest trends, innovations and developments and serve as a prime academic platform for the exchange of ideas and research outcome pertaining to the wide-range of ADR trends and options and create quality relationships and network with peers from around the world.

Summit Goals 

* To connect ADR professionals, Arbitrators, Mediators, Legal professionals and business managers with the resources and tools needed to develop or enhance the effectiveness of their dispute resolution processes and build confidence and capacity to increase cross-border trade and commerce.

* To promote and build Asia-Pacific region as an attractive ADR hub and to increase professionalism among the ADR institutions and to inspire confidence to business houses to choose institutional ADR options.

During the Summit, APCAM will also be announcing the “APCAM International ADR Awards”, which is intended to popularise and implement high standards of professionalism among ADR professionals, academics, users and researchers and to develop and consistently upgrade the quality of ADR. The Awards will honour all significant contributions working towards ensuring quality ADR services and for path-breaking innovations and partnerships in the Asia Pacific region.

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