About PMN

Pusat Mediasi Nasional (The Indonesian Mediation Center, or PMN), is a professional dispute resolution center providing mediation training and services.


Established in August, 2003, Pusat Mediasi Nasional (The Indonesian Mediation Center, or PMN), is a professional dispute resolution center providing mediation training and services. Staffed with experienced mediators drawn from diverse areas of law, banking engineering and business, PMN is in a unique position to provide the right mediator for any dispute. For evidence of the skill and experience of the PMN staff, one need look no farther than the dozens of training programs which PMN has provided for prominent Indonesian lawyers and judges since its inception. Simply put, PMN is the recognized mediation leader in Indonesia.

Though flexible, mediation through PMN is conducted in accordance with international standards and pursuant to established guidelines. These guidelines have been developed from the experiences of the Jakarta Initiative Task Force, the Government of Indonesia’s mediation body established to deal with the Asian Financial crisis. Many of the PMN permanent staff are veterans of the JITF program, and already have years of valuable Indonesian mediation experience. Parties seeking mediation through PMN need merely register their desire to mediate, and the PMN staff will contact the other interested parties to inform them of the request. Assuming both sides desire mediation, they will be provided with a list of PMN certified mediators, all of whom are experienced with mediation and who have substantive experience in one or more specialized fields.

Following his or her selection, the mediator will sit with each side to learn of their needs and concerns. Following these meetings, controlled mediation and negotiation sessions will take place under the guidance of the mediator. Though the mediator will offer suggestions and keep the tone of the negotiations positive, the content of the discussions remains up to the parties. This offers greater focus and flexibility than could be achieved through a court process, yet the presence and input of the mediator keeps the discussions “on track” and productive in nature. The end result will be professionally obtained and private. That is the PMN advantage.

Vision - Mission


To promote mediation as an alternative avenue for dispute resolution


To develop individual and organizational capacity to solve disputes through mediation


  • To socialize and to develop the mediation concept in the eyes of public, government, and professional organizations through cooperation with education institutions and other similar institutions
  • To promote mediation as an alternative in obtaining consensual settlement of all types of disputes
  • To provide mediation training in order to generate professional and competent mediators
  • To offer mediation services

Meet Our Team

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Fahmi Shahab, S.E., MBL
  • Direktur Eksekutif
  • Immediate Past Chairman AMA
  • Anggota Pendiri Asian Mediation Association (AMA)
Dr. Syeh Assery, S.E., S.H., M.M.
  • Doktor Ilmu Manajemen Konflik
  • Sertifikat mediator diperoleh dari Pusat Mediasi Nasional (PMN) dan Pusat Mediasi UGM.
  • Sertifikat ToT Mediator dari MA RI.
  • Sertifikat Professional Coach dari AAPM Indonesia.
  • Sertifikat Trainer BNSP.
  • Sertifikat Asesor BNSP.
  • Penulis Buku “Manajemen Konflik”.
Hyang I. Mihardja, S.H., M.B.A.
  • Mediator, Trainer and Coach for Mediation and Negotiation training at PMN.
  • Certified Mediator PMN
  • Certified Advokat PERADI
  • Certified TOT on Mediation Skill, CVC & Vrije University, Netherland
  • Certified TOT sertifikasi Mediasi, Mahkamah Agung RI