Learn the best Mediation skills at PMN. We train prospective professional mediators in your company or institution through intensive certified courses.

One of PMN’s key roles is developing a cadre of professional private sector mediators. Under this activity, PMN provides training and certification programs for private sector professionals in Jakarta area and in other regions. Since its inauguration, PMN has been conducting 173 series of 40-hour mediation courses for public which includes 5 series for judges (donor funded). PMN usually runs such courses around 8-10 series in a year for general public participants. The course involves teaching of the theories (30%) as well as practical training of mediation skills through multiple role plays and simulations (70%).

Why should you choose PMN for your trainings (in Indonesian)?

In addition to certified mediation course, PMN also provides refresh mediation training, short course training on mediation, negotiation training and conflict competencies training. We can tailor the training syllabus to meet the institution’s needs.

Sometimes we provide attractive discount on the training fee (not the certification examination), send us your application and CV. Please state as to why PMN should consider your application and how much discount is expected.


Pelatihan Mediasi 40-jam bersertifikat menggunakan silabus yang telah disetujui oleh Mahkamah Agung RI, difokuskan pada simulasi dan diskusi, mencakup:

  • Alternatif Penyelesaian Sengketa
  • Analisis Konflik
  • Negosiasi
  • Tahapan dan Pengantar Mediasi
  • Mediator’s Skills
  • Mediasi dalam Situasi Khusus : menghadapi kebuntuan & pihak yang beremosi
  • Kode Etik Mediator
  • Merancang Dokumen Kesepakatan
  • Prosedur Mediasi Pengadilan
  • Simulasi Mediasi (Role Play)