Learn the best Mediation skills at PMN. We train prospective professional mediators in your company or institution through intensive certified courses.

Below is a list of facilitators (trainers and supervisors) in PMN’s training programmes.

No Name
1 A. Fahmi Shahab, S.E, MBL
2 Agustinus Parinding, Ir.
3 Andrea H Poeloengan, S.H., M.Hum, MTCP
4 Aulia Shina Primayog, Ir, MBA
5 Denaldy M. Mauna, SE, MS, MBA, MH
6 Donny F. Tomasoa, S.E., S.H., MH
7 Hyang Mihardja, S.H., MBA
8 Iswahjudi A. Karim, S.H., LL M
9 Muh. Hidayat, SH
10 Muhammad Jusril, SH
11 Raymond Lee, BSc (ENG), FCCA (UK)
12 Ricky Ismail W.R., S.H.
13 Said Faisal, S.E., M.SC
14 Dr. Syeh Assery, SE, MM
15 Tri Harnowo, SH. MM, LL.M, MA
16 Yadi Mulya Adiwiria, BSBA, MBA