Merdeka Special: Celebrating the Independence Days of Indonesia and Malaysia

ADR for Construction Dispute in Indonesia: Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities. Monday, 24th August at 3:00 PM (WIB).
Indonesia-Malaysia Merdeka Special Webminar featuring 2 PMN Mediators: Dr. Ir. H. Ahmad Rizal (IARBI) and Raymond Lee, Albertus Aldio Primadi (AIAC) and Melati Siregar (Moderator, UMBRA SLS).

With Indonesia and Malaysia celebrating their Independence Days at the end of August, the AIAC, together with the Indonesian Arbitrators Institute, are pleased to present three Merdeka Special webinars to celebrate the Independence Days of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Apart from sharing common linguistic and cultural aspects, the similarities shared between Indonesia and Malaysia in their respective ADR frameworks, business practices and economic goals create an ideal platform for knowledge sharing which will be mutually beneficial for both countries’ ADR communities.

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