BIAMC Workshop: Dispute Resolution in the Mining and Energy Sectors

Date: 27th June 2019

FACT: The mining and energy sectors are two highly globalized industries that often involve multinational, long-term contracts, with fairly volatile parties such as governments, who are inevitably more susceptible to fluctuating economic, political, environmental, and situational changes than ‘regular’ corporations. Consequently, mining and energy disputes are riddled with both pervasive financial risk factors and complex party-associated challenges. Disputes are rarely straightforward and can embroil a spectrum of diverse issues.

In mining and energy projects, quite often, the question is not whether a project will be subject to a dispute but rather how well such dispute can be managed. It is therefore imperative to understand and anticipate the common problems in order to devise effective risk-management strategies to avoid disputes or at least mitigate the exposure to disputes.

Led by experts in the field, this course offers both, a theoretical framework for dispute resolution and practical, hands-on guidance through relevant case study discussion. It will not only examine the role of international arbitration in resolving these unique disputes but also how and when to integrate current arbitration trends/lessons when devising dispute resolution strategies. Moreover, this course will provide actionable insight into industry-specific legal due diligence and guidance on drafting effective arbitration clauses in Indonesia, ensuring careful consideration of the whole project in the mining or energy sector is reflected. No doubt, this is the perfect course to either get your mining and energy specialization rolling or to expand/perfect your existing knowledge.

Are you a government official responsible for the mining/energy industry, a mining/energy executive, an attorney frequently dealing with matters in the mining or energy sectors, a construction executive normally involved with mining and energy-related projects, an in-house counsel of a mining or energy corporation, an insurance professional normally engaged for mining and energy-related projects, an industry thought leader, an international arbitrator or mediator aspiring to add or improve expertise in mining and energy, a professor, legal academic, or student looking to increase real-time knowledge, or an investor affected by current mining and energy developments? If so, BIAMC’s 1-Day Workshop is ideal for you!

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